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Chris Belloni (1980) is the director and initiator of IQMF. As a filmmaker he directed several films, including the award-winning documentary I Am Gay and Muslim and the Turkish Boat. Recently he finished his new film, a documentary on LGBT police worldwide. He has curated IQMF programs at several international film festivals and is our great representative everywhere he goes.


Sudeep Dasgupta is an Associate Professor in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He lectures and has published extensively in the fields of global media, aesthetics, post-colonialism, gender and sexuality. With his critical and experienced view on film, he is one of our favourite programmers.


Our new team member Shayne McCreadie (1980) is a true PR- and programming wonder! She studied Media & Culture at the University of Amsterdam and has spent many years working for several cultural organizations in Amsterdam, as a marketeer, program maker and campaigner.


Antonij Karadzoski (1993) is a human rights activist and artivist from Macedonia, currently living in Amsterdam. He strengthens the LGBT-community through his artwork. As a production manager for IQMF he is responsible for nearly everything, – seriously, we don’t know how this guy deals with all of this.


Kristijan migrated from North Macedonia in 2018 and since then has been working for IQMF and Stichting art.1 as a digital designer. With a background in the civic and social organization industry, he is part of the “Youth Artivists for Change” project in the Balkans. Currently he studies Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam.


Clara came from Portugal to study Arts and Society in The Netherlands. She has done production, programming and communication for cultural organizations and currently works with Stichting art.1 in different projects regarding LGBTQ+ issues, Human Rights and Gender Equality.


Marwan Mohamed Elhajjami (1991) is a multimedia content creator. Queer and migrant activist from Morocco, cofounder of Sehaq, a Queer refugees group in Amsterdam, and working as video Editor with Jeem.me, a website which produces content about gender, sex and sexuality.


Shogaolu is the founder and creative director of Ado Ato Pictures and is a member of the XRBASE virtual and augmented reality incubator. She is an international director and new media artist with a track record in featuring her work at film festivals, galleries, and museums worldwide. Shogalou is interested in pushing herself and others around her outside the boundaries of traditional storytelling.


LGBTQI activist from Lebanon. In 2015 he emigrated to the Netherlands because of his political activism. Since 2015 he is active in the LGBTQI immigrant community in the Netherlands through his work with the Amsterdam-based Secret Garden.



Martha works as a cultural producer and project initiator with a background in Media Studies. This Colombian import is a cultural omnivore with an unhealthy love for cinema and (popular) culture.


Mini Maxwell is a multidisciplinary artist and activist who is from, lives, and works in Amsterdam. They are fascinated with human bodies and are drawn to the mediums of photography, performance, film and fashion. Their work is personal and political, and addresses social issues with a focus on the LGBTQIAP+ community. Their medium of choice often changes, but their focus remains on the human.

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