Duration : 107 min

Country : USA

Release : 2020

Director : David France

Language : Russian, Chechen, English

Subtitles : English

Chilling documentary thriller. LGBTQ+ people in the ultra-conservative Chechen Republic fear for their lives. Hundreds have already been arrested and tortured in secret prisons—in an ongoing purge that tyrannical President Ramzan Kadyrov has unconvincingly denied. A group of courageous Russian activists take unimaginable risks to smuggle persecuted LGBTQ+ people out of the country and provide them with a safe haven, aided by an international network.

David France records the most dangerous moments along the escape route of Grisha, an event organizer who endured systematic torture, and Anya, who risks being murdered by her family. He uses deepfake techniques to digitally alter the faces of the refugees and thus protect their anonymity. He films their nerve-racking underground journeys and the shelters where they find refuge. But even abroad, they are never completely safe.

This suspenseful documentary has won awards at several festivals including Sundance, Hot Docs and the Berlinale.


December 29, 2020
Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam



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