Duration : 80 min

Country : UK

Release : 2020

Director : John Eames

Language : Georgian

Subtitles : English

Feature documentary March for Dignity follows a small group of LGBTI+ activists in Tbilisi, Georgia as they attempt to conduct the first Pride march in the country. They face overwhelming opposition from far-right groups, the government and the Georgian Orthodox Church who have a history of inciting violent attacks on the LGBTI+ community. With membership of the European Union, and anti-Russian sentiment firmly on the political agenda, Georgians are at a turning point in history where they must choose to fight for progress and human rights, or concede to greater Russian influence. In the midst of this geopolitical turmoil, the committed organisers of Tbilisi Pride bravely strive to be visible in their evolving country.


December 29, 2020
Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam

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