Love Research

Director : Astrid Ismaili

‘Love Research’ is a one take video, by Astrit Ismaili wherein they sing a song surrounded by a crowd of elderly women performing synchronised choreography. The alterego ‘The pregnant boy’ reappears in their work since 2015, each time unfolding different parts of an ongoing narrative. The body extension of this alter-ego is the womb that is inspired by the unique phenomena of male pregnant seahorses. The alien pop star persona of ‘The Pregnant Boy’ is influenced by Astrit’s career as a child pop star in early 2000s in Kosovo. ‘Love Research’ explores loneliness within the marginalized by presenting it as a meeting point between elderly and non-binary bodies. Marginalization by its very nature brings about a sense of disconnection, dissociation from society at large, and a sense of aloneness and loneliness. In this work, love and intimacy are seen as healing powers for individuals, communities and cultures.



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