A selection of films that screened at Amsterdam Dance Event. Get moving in your seat!


Movies included

Luca m/w/d
Society generally distinguishes between two sexes: male and female. In Germany there is a new law for a new legal…
Love Research
‘Love Research’ is a one take video, by Astrit Ismaili wherein they sing a song surrounded by a crowd of…
Too sinful for Heaven, too utopian for Earth, the up-and-coming Moroccan-Canadian artist found peace hanging in tension between both worlds.…
Face It: A meditation on Drag
A poetic mood film documenting the transformation of actress and dragqueen Laeno
Turned to Light
Turned To Light is a film about light, movement and unrequited love. Elodie is madly in love, but she cannot…
Aphrodisiac II is a LGBTQ+ dance movie, searching for self-definition, fighting for their own truth. Not scared to reveal inner…
“Etérea” is a music video and a mini documentary by the awarded Brazilian artists Criolo. In this project, the singer…
A Fome De Carne (The Flesh Hunger)
What is your flesh hungry for? How can we hear the supplications of the body in the name of the…
Janus is a spiritual journey exploring the life of a young queer in the heart of the Mexican Vogue scene.


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