Eu te Desafio a me Amar/ I Challenge you to Love me

Diana Blok spend her youth in Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. Since 1974 she has established her home base in Amsterdam. As a diaspora artist she travels regularly, returning to her roots. She is a self thought photographer, practicing professionally since 1977.

Growing up in these countries during a time of civil war while traveling extensively in between, she had the opportunity to form a larger picture of the world and its diversity. Photography and film are an extension of the impact this had on life. Time and time again, she transcended the conflict through her work, always re-fining and re-defining.Questions  around gender, sexual identity, tradition and inner freedom, form an essential part of her process. Blok’s work has been exhibited extensively around the globe.

In this project “ I challenge you to love me’ ( 2015) she challenges the the increasing  level of and violence discrimination against LGBTTQ in Brazil today. The image of sexual freedom which this country tends to present is contrary to the reality she discovered through meeting these courageous individuals who dared to speak their truth.